Maritime security


My interest in and engagement with maritime security sits within the Maritime Security Program of the Centre for Trust, peace and Social Relations which aspires to:  (1) serve as an interface between academia, policy-makers and practitioners; (2) to better understand the challenges to security in the maritime domain and (3) to identify, test and develop more effective and sustainable responses. It seeks to achieve impact through knowledge transfer, capacity building and specific training.

(Research) projects within the Program have previously been funded by such organisations as the Economic and Social Research Council (UK); the NATO Science for Peace & Security (SPS) programme, the International Organisation for Migration ( Indonesia);  the Royal Navy (UK); and Coventry University.

Current (research) projects are funded by the UKRCs under the PaCCS program and the Newton Fund under the Institutional Link program.

My maritime security program colleagues are:

  • Dr Ioannis Chapsos,
  • Dr James A. Malcolm, and
  • Dr. Lisa Otto

We believe in the importance of dialogue in exchanging ideas to solve problems, and seek to act as a principle facilitator between academic and non-academic partners.

  • We focus on developing responses, moving beyond simply deconstructing challenges towards actively contributing towards bringing about more enhanced maritime security.
  • We offer the analytical rigour traditionally associated with universities coupled with an understanding of the needs and concerns of practitioner and policy communities.
  • We want to make a positive contribution to the communities around us, nationally and internationally.

We have investigated such issues as:

  • The relationship between sustainable development and maritime (in)security through the lens of different vulnerable populations – coastal communities, migrants, seafarers.
  • The role the private sector plays in the pursuit of enhanced maritime security.
  • Maritime Security capacity-building efforts in Small Island Developing States.
  • Irregular Migration in the Mediterranean and in Southeast Asia (Indonesia).
  • Flouting Armories
  • Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing
  • Piracy

Our non research activities include:

  • A distance-learning MA in Maritime Security for professionals. (
  • A Partnership on Indonesian Maritime Security (with IOM, Jakarta)