Philosophy, approach, and interests

My educational philosophy, based on some fifteen years of national/international higher education experience, revolves around critical and reflexive learning. I consider it important to create a learning environment for students in which socio-political, cultural and normative diversity is considered to be an asset in for the particular learning experience. Through reflective assignments, in class and on-line debates, and audio-visuals I try to engage students in academic and societal debates on contemporary global legal and political issues.

These contemporary issues and my current research inform the content of my teaching, which in combination with my specific teaching philosophy and style contributes to a unique learning environment. My aim is to trigger – through my own engagement- student’s, curiosity and their aspiration to understand the principles and practices of global affairs as independent thinkers and global citizens.

Over the years I have developed a specific expertise in teaching both traditional  international law as well as international relations and giving both subjects a transnational and global spin. Within those broad fields I have concentrate on such specific chapters as dispute settlement and conflict resolution, the law and politics of transnational organizations, legal responsibility and sanctions. In showing students the political and non-state dimensions of the making and breaking of transnational rules I have been able to provide them with a more profound and critical understanding of the normative dynamics and complexities of global affairs.

Courses taught

  • Public International Law (LLB; LLM; BA; MA).IMG_0126
  • Structures of Global Governance (BA).
  • Interdisciplinary Research Methods (MA).
  • Law and Politics of Transnational Institutions (MA/LLM).
  • International Organisations (BA; MA).
  • Transnational Law & Politics (MA).
  • Non-State Actors (MA).
  • Public International Law (BA; MA; LLB, LLM).
  • European Law (BA).
  • WTO Law (MA).
  • Human Rights Law