I am not currently involved in funded research projects. But …. I submitted one early November 2022 … fingers crossed.

I finalized three different funded research projects on (1) maritime security and (2) illegal fishing in Indonesia and (3) on scenario planning for law enforcement agencies in the UK and the Netherlands.  The projects involve multiple researchers from Coventry University, Oxford Brookes University, Universitas Indonesia (Jakarta) and Utrecht University. I’m now writing up the findings and the methodology used (collage-making)

The project also involve practitioners from the International Organisation for Migration, the Indonesian Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs and the Indonesian Association of Tuna Fishermen.

In addition I participate in a research project lead by Dr. Juliette Koning (Oxford Brookes University) on “organising for security” which researches the various aspects of the private security industry in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

These projects involve significant field work in Indonesia, South-Africa and the UK. In addition to these more labour intensive projects, I continue to write on the topics mentioned in my research interest. I have a number of publications in the pipeline on: collage-making, corporate social responsibility and human rights, and scenario planning in law enforcement.