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28-09-2017 Panel Presentation on the AU: between principles and practice. 5TH International Conference on Strategic Theory, Addis Abeba (Ethiopia)

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The 2017 conference is the fifth in an ongoing series jointly planned and presented by the faculty of the Royal Danish Defence College and SIGLA located with the Faculty of Military Science, Stellenbosch University. The organisers selected  a contemporary African security theme (Leadership and Governance) coupled with invited speakers to be followed by a morning workshop and a book publication […]

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Transnational Security Governance

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The question whether there is a role for private military and security companies in transnational security governance is a pertinent one.  While we are used to and accept that national airports and harbours, supermarkets and malls, money transports and banks are secured by employees of bigger and smaller security compagnies, we shy away from the […]