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On these pages you can find what keeps me busy as an academic: what I have done so far; what I am doing at the moment; and what I am about to do in the near future. Basically, I am researching, managing research projects and if possible publishing. I’m working full time for Maastricht University at its Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and Governance.

As Professor Emeritus I am still connected to Coventry University and its  Institute for Peace and Security. 

As an academic, I aspire to understand the world I live in. That socio-political dimension of that world does not present itself to us in a manner that is immediately clear. I resent  false certitude and righteous axiom upon which one acts with an aim to change the world for the better.

I prefer contemplation over action; reflection over ‘truth’; and imagination over fact.

I believe that our life world is a complex socio-political environment in which we hold different normative worldviews.  I critically engage popular and one-dimensional explanations of conflict & crime, and question easy peace-building and crime control solutions  As an academic and as a responsible citizen I have the obligation to interrogate the resolutions that we come up with. I particularly seek to comprehend and reveal the deceitfull entanglement of law and politics and the cunning rhetoric of normative agendas . I try to comprehend how the range of  non-state and sub-state actors contributes to the establishmenUntitledt of transnational norms and principles through collaborative processes of contestation and confirmation.

In many respects I consider myself a Critical Realist; believing at the same time that we face ‘hard’, yet unknown socio-political realities, and that we can change those realities ones we comprehend the mechanism of the ‘Real world’.

As long as we have not ‘discovered’ the science that explains  life beyond chemistry and biology we are bound to hope that 

The future isn’t murder