27-03-2018: presenting paper: Organising for Security: Artistic Articulations and Academic Analysis


Qualitative Research in Management and Organisation Conference MARCH 27TH – 29TH, 2018. ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, USA


In our paper Prof. Juliette Koning and I  argue that collage-making offers an egalitarian and creative tool for exploring primary knowledge, opinions and ideas, which would otherwise be tainted by the politics of dialogue and discussion, and the practices of the ‘speech act’. We do so on the basis of the critical understanding that research and research outcomes need to be more inclusive of our research participants’ viewpoints, questions, and voice. In our two most recent research projects, we therefore used ‘inception meetings/workshops’ in which research participants are ‘invited’ to ‘rethink’ the research problem and determine the specific direction of the research through creative collage-making. We have specifically used the collage-making technique in order to level the playing field in Focus Group discussions and to get participants out of their comfort zone of traditional conversation.



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