‘At Work’, is a relative concept when one is engaged in international research projects and enabled to work from home.  If ‘at Work’ are the institutions I work for, ‘at work’ is: Coventry University (CU) and the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR).

Coventry University describes itself as a “a forward-looking, modern university with a proud tradition as a provider of high quality education and a focus on applied research; [with]  state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in all academic disciplines.” CU’s “city-centre campus is continually developing and evolving” and CU’s increasing reputation in education is well known.

 The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations  is more of a transformative interdisciplinary idea than it is a ‘working place’.   In the Centre we want to facilitate knowledge creation by offering new insights and understandings and to translate our research outcomes into solution oriented and actionable proposals for policy purposes and public appreciation. At CTPSR we have a common interested in exploring the socio-political and normative dynamics of security issues,  insecure spaces, and the role and position of the different stakeholders involved in conflict and conflict resolution, peace breaking and peace brokering. I am a member of the Research Group on Security, Vulnerability and Resilience which actually researches much more . After having seen its name change a couple of times, I suppose the name doesn’t matter that much … identity is overrated. Drawing on a strong track record of research in integrated peacebuilding, trust and social and community relations, the Centre exemplifies Coventry University’s long-standing commitment to research that makes a strong impact on society and on the security and quality of life of ordinary people worldwide. The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations is distinctive both in terms of the research undertaken and the approaches used.  It is a truly multi-disciplinary Centre: by drawing from academic disciplines, knowledge and skills across the social sciences and beyond, we tackle many of the most critical and sensitive contemporary challenges facing society. Our reputation for working holistically and unfettered by disciplinary boundaries has already attracted world-leading scholars to visit and establish collaborations.