PhD supervision

IMG_0129Over the last 25 years, I have been involved in numerous PhD research projects. First as PhD candidate and later as advisor, supervisor, co-promotor, Director of Studies, external examiner and member of promotional commissions. The supervision of PhD students has always provided me with new knowledge and insights, and required me to stay on top of the latest empirical, methodological and theoretical developments. I welcome excellent proposals and applications from students and professionals who would like to undertake PhD
research, either full-time or part-time, with or without scholarship.

If you share one of my research interests and would like to work with me on a specific PhD topic feel free to contact me. For the Minimum Entry Criteria go to Coventry University Research Programmes

Examples of completed and on-going PhD research are:

  • Female perceptions of dignity and vulnerability, Zsofia Hacsek (Coventry University, 2018)
  • Maritime Security, Maurice Beseng  (successfully defended, 2018 Coventry University);
  • Business Responsibilities for Human Rights and Migrant Workers in Britain: a Multi-stakeholder Study, Samentha Goethals (successfully defended, 2016 Oxford Brookes University);
  • Nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and non-proliferation in international law, Samer Altoutou  (successfully defended, 2016, Oxford Brookes University).
  •  National Mechanisms and National Human Rights Law: Criteria for Effectiveness. (Richard Carver, successfully defended 2013; Oxford Brookes University);
  • De plaats van de Wet terroristische misdrijven in het materiële strafrecht (The Position of the Terrorist Offences Act in Dutch Substantive Criminal Law) (Jan Lintz, successfully defended, 2007; Erasmus University Rotterdam);
  • The Authority of the Security Council under Chapter VII of the UN Charter; Legal Limits and the Role of the International Court of Justice (David Schweigman successfully defended 2001; Erasmus University Rotterdam).